Traditional musical instruments from Indonesia

Karinding is one of the traditional wind instrument Sunda Indonesian nation. There are several places which is famous as the origin of the creation of this Karinding, in the village citamiang, pasirmukti tasikmalaya and lewo Malangbong Karinding arrowroot is made from tree bark kawung materials (palm tree). In contrast to the limbangan and wax ci bandung, Karinding made of wooden splinters a tree.
Karinding yore used by women to implant the hair in the plug in gulunag, while Karinding made of palm tree in use by men, its shorter form for the purpose can be saved in the pocket of antiquity in use as a place of mangroves , there are three sections in Karinding

How to play Karinding
Playing Karinding
How to play are put into the mouth sahingga Karinding dodder, continues to be a resonant voice to set the tone. Karinding game usually played five people, at least three people, one of them as the Rhythm is also commonly called kawih interpreter. Long ago in regional Ciawi tasikmalaya takokak Karinding played with a kind of musical instrument-shaped leaves.

Benefits of Karinding
Benefits of a musical instrument is Karinding repel pests, which is derived from the sound vibrations are low decible Karinding needle, which is derived Karinding sound depending how hard the finger of a player Karinding slap her. And this voice be heard by the pests aphis, grasshoppers, crickets, and others, in modern times people call her ultra sonic pest pest that causes death in the rice fields.

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