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Saluang From Minangkabau Indonesia
Saluang is a traditional musical instrument Minangkabau, West Sumatra Indonesia. Which wind instrument made of thin bamboo or chamfer (Schizostachyum brachycladum Kurz). Minangkabau people believe that the best material to be made Saluang derived from the gutters to clothesline fabric or gutters that are found drifting in a river. These tools include the class of musical instrument flute, but it is simpler to make, simply by punching holes in the gutter with four holes. Saluang length approximately 40-60 cm long, 3-4 cm in diameter. As for other uses of the gutter is the place to make lemang, a Minangkabau traditional food.
Players named Idris Sutan Saluang legendary singer Sati with Syamsimar.
The virtues of the players are able to play Saluang Saluang by blowing and breathing together, so that blower Saluang can play the instrument from the beginning of the end of the song without interruption. This way of breathing exercises developed continuously. This technique is also called as angok manyisiahkan technique (aside breath).
Each village in the Minangkabau develop Saluang blowing, so that each village has its own style. Examples of the style that is Singgalang, Pariaman, Solok Salayo, Koto Tuo, Suayan and Pauah. Style Singgalang considered quite difficult to be played by beginners, and usually Singgalang tone is played at the beginning of the song. Style is the saddest sound of Ratok Solok Solok area.
Formerly, ...Mmm.... The Saluang player has its own a useful spell to hypnotize the audience. Pitunang spell called the Prophet David. The contents of the spell approximately: Aku malapehkan pitunang Nabi Daud, buruang tabang tatagun-tagun, aia mailia tahanti-hanti, takajuik bidodari di dalam sarugo mandanga buni saluang ambo, kununlah anak sidang manusia......etc
Saluang Performance Video


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